Renewable Energy Website Design & Development


Pickrenew Energy Pvt. Ltd.


Corporate website & Identity

Successful implementation of solar service provider website.

Pickrenew Energy Pvt.Ltd. is one of the sustainable energy service provider in India. The organization helps commercial, industrial and residential owners to pick right Renewable (Solar, Wind, Hybrid) systems for their energy requirement.

This website plays a role in introducing the company’s vision towards the customers and introducing its services to the people who are looking for a clean energy solutions. 

Using this website company has reflected their work using project page, introducing their business segment Wind Energy, Solar Energy & Hybrid Energy for people to give an option to pick the segment for clean energy.

Pickrenew Energy wanted a website that will distinguish it from the competition and to highlight on the services.

This project was collaboration with UWMDigital, a  digital marketing company serving the renewable sector.

Light & Modern Solar Energy Website

A modern and professional responsive design, rich in supplying enough information, with a clear call to action.

Website Details

  1. A landing page with a professional look that reflects the nature of the company.
  2. Highlighting different elements, targeting the general public and investors.
  3. A clear call to action for interested parties to communicate with the company.

The website is made on WordPress CMS platform with Search Engine Optimization, Google Analytics Integration.

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